Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Restore weekly Mar. 23-29, 2016

                                  If you saw a heat wave,
                                  would you wave back? S. Wright
We will close only Friday, March 25.
    7 Enterprise Ave
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Knock off the chill with...
            Modern Homes wall mount electric fireplace
                            23"D x 5"W x 34"H       $200

                           3 lite           2'sq           $125
                                    CallaLily chandelalaier

                 Franke Kindred lavatory basin     $116

                       vintage glass              30"x78"
                                  french door        $95

                Retro-Royal                          42"W x 72"-88"L
                            $1200        (You've gotta see the double pedestal) 
  768 Belfast Rd
                       Wallabase      4" x 100'
                              9 cases  x $30ea

                         lovely lighter  
                        22"W x 36"L    $265

                  sssssingle faucet ssssssink
            16"D x 24"W x 5"H             $95


        Retro Casual      53"-65"L x 41"W   $100
           Terrific shape for being  48 yrs old!!    

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Restore Weekly Mar. 16 - 22, 2016

                           There are 2 seasons in Scotland:
                           June and Winter. BConnelly
rch 25.We will be closed Friday, March 25.We wil
                           both shops
Appreciation   -20%on everything
                         Friday, SaturdaySunday 
    7 Enterprise Ave
                           Lovely!     14pcs        $1250

Racoons got your screens?  We've got the solution!
spline    corners   patches   frames    springs/pull tabs    kits                   fiberglass   aluminum    $1.25- $60          

Moles getting you down?  
              Brinly tow behind polyroly roller             $120
           Spiffy media console            21"D x 56"W x 24"H

One firebowl coming  up...
                    resin/wicker  propane fuelled     $115
 768 Belfast Rd
something Lovlier!     Only 10pcs but...
oven  cooktop  Caesarstone  dishwasher  microwave
oh yeah, and a sneaky fridge       $20000 yup 20Gs
       1' x 2' x $3  tiletiletiletiletiletiletiletiletiletiletiletile
        tiletiletiletiletiletiletiletileitletleiltilet  168sf    $560
 RedGard shower kit 
          1- R/L drain     $200                 36"x61"     
         3-Center drain  $200                49"x49"

        Acyrllic   fabric   metal   anddangly           
 and very shiny   pendant    24"W x 32"L    $185
Ay Caramba, caroma sinks!
        16" x 18"     $?0              16" x 17"      $?0
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
              Dick 'n Jane

Getting the siding on.        Check!....
Getting some naptime in.      Check?....
Getting ready for painting.   Check!....
Getting up from naptime.      Check?....
There's another Upcycle workshop coming!!
Don't know what to do with  
your cabinet 
doors? Register online for Workshop #2. 
     Class at 768 Belfast Rd on March 21 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's Dick 'n Jane Celebrating Women's Day

Mar 9-15,2016
                           Spring is when you feel like whistling,
                            even with a shoeful of slush.DLarson
Kitchens          -25%-25%-25%-25%-25%=25%
          Cabinets      both  shops
     Mar 9-Mar 15      'n 
                     Vanities ohmy
 768 Belfast Rd
For THREE BUCKS Acco Kitchen&Bath
             can colour your world...Inside&Out
  Flat   Eggshell    $20/bucket    Pearl   Semi-gloss

                          Hung  or  Standing
    AmStan vanity "Tropic"   20"   !NEW!    $200
       Found at both shops    we've got roomfuls

Rub-a-dub...whaaaa...?            'Retreat' into a
LongevityAcryllics bathtub                     $799

Spring is here!! well, not really,So how 'bout an awning...
    35"x59"  $1200 a real looker, folks!           pleasepleaseplease

Vintage  French brass dolphin base with  
             original satin and clear globe    17"L    $95
    7 Enterprise Ave
Hey!! Laaaminate...
        Oak             7"         Hickory    5"         Beech   4"
           104sf   $78          157sf   $118         120sf  $90

Vintage, say 1950s. Boxspring weighs like 1920s, anyhoo
Full size for short people or spooners   53"W x 71"L

                    Noooo   This is not R2D2
            We have been flooded with, well, floodlights
 5"Modern  $20    2"Kit  $13     basic  $10    holder  $3.50

Peak-aboo    6"x42" clear glass rail panels      10 cases

         5 lite   Antique brass                     $75
                                      17"L                                ....lots left
There's another Upcycle workshop coming!!
Don't know what to do with our, your cabinet doors? Register on line for Workshop #2, March 21 at 768 Belfast.
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
              Dick 'n Jane

First we 'lean in'....
then we do....
then we play....
then we wait for the photo op....and cookies
                       ...very practical