Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Restore sales Apr. 27 - May 3, 2016

                  There are only two lasting bequests we can
                  hope to give our children.One of these is                       roots,the other,wings.JWvGoethe
La La lightsale
    7 Enterprise Ave
Everyone should have there very own...
            Log Stacker                            only 26 quarters

We have enough to seat a party of eight....
                  Millstone  2fer$115

                   Moving on?...
                     70sheets of 2'x2' packing paper $3

                              a  kitchen keeper...
                              15 pcs                     $1725

                       no manual for this old manual...
  Singer swinger    c1924    some bobbins    no bows   $150
  768 Belfast Rd
      Durovent baffles...                  $70/case
      between both shops we've got 5130sf of it

                  a chair that swivels        $175

                    Charismatic AND prismatic
                           18"sq           $245(+-50%too,eh?)
            A white wonder...
                             12pc   $1450

      oversized rail doors...without the rail
           36"W x 94"H          $390 for the pair
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
              Dick 'n Jane
Meet some houses that HabitatGO built...


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We've built and renovated more than 61 homes

When you think of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Ottawa (Habitat GO), you probably think about building houses. And you should.
Thanks to your support, we've built and renovated more than 61 homes in the Greater Ottawa Area since 1993. But, while building is what we do, the reason we do it is to change lives. We build homes because they are essential building blocks for families and communities. 
Ros Bell and David Stitt, with Myrna Beattie (centre), our Director of Retail Operations, at our 2014 Volunteer Appreciation Event.

We are fortunate to have many Habitat GO supporters, like you, who have helped us change lives over the past 23 years.
I'd like to introduce you to David Stitt who has been making a difference with Habitat GO since 2002. He wears many hats as a Habitat GO supporter and volunteer. 

Please click here to read about the coincidence that first hooked David on volunteering with Habitat GO and what keeps bringing him back.

Donate today to make sure that everyone has a safe, decent and affordable place to live. Thank you for your support.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Ongoing adventures of Dick 'n Jane

The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
                Dick 'n Janeok. everybody it's Hide and Seek time...
quick, quick, go, go...
he'll never find me here...
he'll never find me here...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Restore sales: Apr. 20-26, 2016

                         Faith is the bird that feels the light                            when the dawn is still dark.RTagore
    7 Enterprise Ave
Is ReStore  selling earrings now?...
No silly!It's a  12"r  $65  ss  wall sconce. (-50%, eh?)
Satisfy your craving for vintage vanities...
                              21"D x 36"W        $225

Do you have an inferior exterior?...
Almost new!!!Lswing framed entry 34"x 80   only $275

Professor Plum did it, in the library, with the...
table/floor? lamp   4'tall    400pounds    $350                    

Kohler Persuade  loo just for you...
Only fourhundred buckaroos.
  768 Belfast Rd
Looking for a                      
      ball and chain?....                  5"W or 28"W  pendant or wall  ss or wrought iron   
                            $50 or $85

         A seven ' for six feet.                            $225

Do you have an inferior exterior?(oops,that was done already:()
 simple  solid   mudroom door   $110

A cabinet ensemble                  
                        15pcs              $1825

Looks like a libray...

but it's not...
18" x18"  بورسيلين porcelana     $15/tile     8 profiles

Upcycle Challenge #3: Building a House...what?
                    find out more at  April 26th

             Motorcyle ride fundraiser  May 29th

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's

               Dick 'n Jane
I see you....
Brand new...
More than muscle....
         he vacuums too...