Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Restore sales June 29-July 5, 2016

          The purpose of life is a life with purpose.  R. Bryne
     7 Enterprise Ave
Afraid to walk on the wild side?....
 Find your way with low voltage   6-pack  9 cases    $40/

           New batch of LordElgin rooms....
 brown granite dressers and sides   3 love-hide-a-bed seat/bed
Asst Nottingham knobs....                        $12-$75
levered    entrance   knob    antique bronze   satin nickel
                         passage    privacy    keyed  

                                   3 lite pendant
                              23"W x 24"H         $125

Console yourself with this....
           sofa table       18"D x 58"W x 32"H            $185
 768 Belfast Rd
Finally!!! Commercial entry doors....
             opening 76"W x 86"H        $500

SuperDuper Kitchen   under $6000 ($5985 to be accurate)
   island   wall oven   stovetop   granite   18 pieces

                       121sf         $660
          1'x1'      mosaic glass tile          'Tea'

                   glass pretties...
          8"sq       6-agon  chandelier     $75

    25"D x 57"L    single faucet drilled       $250
 Check out more stuff on
As of September 1, please continue to donate your gently used bicycles to Cycle Salvation

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

!Thank you!


for choosing  7 Enterprise for their Volunteer Day!!!
                                    What a Group!!!!     
                                                                                      Could use more plants, eh?

Customer Appreciation: June 15-21, 2016

                                                    In winter, I plot and plan.
                                                    In spring, I move. HRollins
Customer   Appreciation   Weekend
                   -20% on everything      both shops
                        Friday,  Saturday,  Sunday
   7 Enterprise Ave
No, no, no   These aren't winter mitts....
Weber  #6670           $25                (great Father'sDay gift)

        Copper  or  Caramel                        Leather Maple
            Hardwood                                      Laminate
     approx  150sf      $373                 approx  78sf     $59

        Quirky kitchen         16pcs              $1500                   
                     wall oven sold separately       $350

Ryobi.  the mighty miter....
                       saw   stand    bought              $125

Maxx  alcove shower base...
                              30" x 60"              $250

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Restore sales June 8-14, 2016

                                                    Hurt people hurt people.
                                                    Everybody! Group hug!!!
                          Vanities    ohmy!
                      Both  Shops      June 8-14, 2016
    7 Enterprise Ave
BradfordDillman  Tankless Gas H20 Heater
                          #TGHE-1601-N          $750

                  Torch for the porch?...
        82lbs     42000BTUs     86"H      $ 600quarters

Trouble standing? Trouble standing up?...
     43"W x 82"H      3pc shower surround         $225

A mile high pile 'o pavers...
'How many' you ask?  umm...they used to be a driveway amount?                                      5"x 5"x 3"    $ 2quarters each

Acryllic sparklies...
                                       27"H          $50
We will be phasing out our successful collaboration with Cycle Salvation over the summer. As of September 1, please continue to donate your gently used bikes to Cycle Salvation
 768 Belfast Rd 
  'Cast'ing around for a wall register?...
                  14"W x 11"H         $35 x 6

   Cards to play with thru the night...            
       Or with Granma....       
                                 $2 a deck   Father's Day giftie?

      Britany design single hung window...            
                         $225        30" x 58"

 ArmstrongStandardExcelonImperialTexture 12"x12"
is a thru-pattern construction tile composed of 85% N.A. limestone     FloorScore certified    only in Polar
                   over 1440sf        $800  

          $185   chic contemporary    19"W x 38"L
Upcycle Workshop #4
 Monday,June 13   5:30-9   768 Belfast
              register here

Saturday, June 4, 2016

11th Annual Steel Toes & Stilettos Gala

Buy your early bird tickets today 
 for Ottawa's premier gala of the 2016 season!
Click here to buy your tickets for $195 each
($225 after Friday, July 31) and corporate tables for $3,000 each.
Join us for Habitat for Humanity GO's 11th Annual Steel Toes & Stilettos Gala
on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
at the 
Canadian War Museum

Friday, June 3, 2016

Restore sales June 1-7, 2016

                                      Everything almost doesn't happen.
    7 Enterprise Ave               
                                  Imagine  this...                                                        
                              2' x 5'                   $65
                                           over this...
  25"D x 38"W x 32"H   $125         20"D x 20"W x 20"H  $60
                                   leaning on this.....
                   $125        headboard only      7'W x 5'H
Multiple tops...only one bottom           The goes-anywhere
                                          table lamp    $20ea
Imagine paying bills, doing a puzzle, making shortbread?...
28"D x 4'W x 31"H    $75          moooove over vinyl   $60
                          Imagine not the Brike...

table: 20"Dx25"Wx2'H   $50        comfy chair:  $60
Imagine Netflicks, overnite company, fireplace night...
20"D x 42"W x 16"H   $50         6' hideabed   $150
!!Two Hundred Rooms donated from our Lord Elgin Hotel!!
We will be phasing out our fruitful partnership with Cycle Salvation over the summer. As ofSeptember 1, please continue to donate your gently used,unwanted bikes to Cycle Salvation
 768 Belfast Rd
           What were they thinking?.....
  Lcasement     63"W x 57"H   $400      fixed

   Hollowcore34"X80"SlabsMachined$10Scruffy    *!!!!SpecialBuy!!!!refers to this one-time donation of forty slab-style interior doors. This style door remains currently on our general 'DONOT TAKE from Public' list, unfortunately, not listed on our website, but ask any staff and they'll all tell you the samething...NoThankYouT
oSlabDoors  ..anyhoo  
 Twenty one inches of sparkly.....                            

Sit down.  Relax.  Feast....
                   42"W x 66-84"L     $500

A colourfulcollectionofcabinets...
                        15pcs         $1800
          ReStore Ride


         Over one thousand bikerbucks raised!!!
                                                    Thanks GanG